Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat?

Do you remember getting more treats or playing tricks on Halloween?

Some of my most vivid childhood memories involve Halloween. I remember my costumes thoroughly. Some of my most memorable costumes were homemade. One year I was bugs-bunny and chewed on a carrot all night. One year my brother and I were hobos/clowns and one year I was a cat.
We never had extravagant costumes, but my mother always did a great job pulling our costumes together on a little budget using things we already had. She would paint our faces and make sure we looked good... even sacrificing her own clothes for the cause. I remember the year we were hobos, I wore her sweatsuit and stuffed it with pillows. We always got bags and bags full of candy. (Treat!) It's funny...even to this day, I remember some of the treats I got and from which houses they came from. One of our closest neighbors never gave candy. She always gave us an apple, small can of Donald Duck orange juice and a Little Debbie's oatmeal cake.Trick?) Some of the elderly ladies in our church would make homemade candy. (Treat!) My great grandmother was one of these ladies. We always stopped at her house last. She would make homemade fudge. (Treat again!) It's unheard of for people to do that today...

While we always had plenty of treats...we had our fair share of tricks too. I remember our parents always letting us pick our top three pieces of candy out of our bags, then we would go to bed.  Little did we know, while we were sound asleep... mommy and daddy were pillaging our bags of treats and picking out their favorites too! (Trick!)

I also got tricked several times while trick or treating. One year someone was hiding under the steps of a house we were trick or treating at. As I walked up the steps, the man grabbed my ankle... to his surprise I quickly kicked back and kicked him in the face (accidentally of course). (Trick!) Another time I was trying to be brave and walk in to a haunted house. My cat tail got caught in the screen door while leaving and fight or flight kicked in. I ran out of the house and down the road. When my mom caught back up with me, I was so scared I didn't recognize her and punched her in the face. (Trick!) Yikes! I'm pretty sure we went home after that house.

Trick or treating was always so much fun for my brother and I. I remember being devastated when he decided he was "too old" to go anymore. I'm looking forward to Isla having plenty of cousins to go trick or treating with and hopefully a sibling or two one day. :)

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  1. She is so adorable in this picture and the one of the two of you sitting on the steps just cracks me up. She's so "little girlish" now. She's growing up too fast. Gigi