Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Babble, babble, jabber, jabber

I love to hear Isla’s voice. It’s the sweetest voice in the world to me. To hear her begin to make sounds, discover her voice and be so eager to communicate melts my heart. So far she has been mimicking us when we say mama, dada, hey or hi and bye. When she says, “hey” she says it so quietly as if she is whispering. It is so cute! She even mimics us when we pick up our phone and answer it. She is so smart!

Last week we started Baby Signing Time… well Joel started it I should say. I know the basic signs, but I have some catching up to do. Dad knows them all it seems! He has been signing everything to Isla. It’s so cute and funny. He even quizzes me and makes me answer him in signs before he will do what I ask him to do. Isla watches so intently. She catches on to things so quick. She’s such a little sponge. It reminds me to always think, act and say positive things, because my little sponge is always watching and absorbing everything I do. 

I pray that I will always be a positive mother for my sweet girl. I pray that I will always live by example and keep everything in perspective. I pray that each day of my life I count my blessings and remember how truly blessed I am. I pray that the words that come out of my mouth, always be words of Grace and Honor and that my sweet girl learns to repeat those words.

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