Friday, December 21, 2012

We'll miss the Joneses

Today is bitter sweet. This was Isla’s last full week with Auntie Alexas and her Jones cousins. She will start at Nova at the first of the year. 

We have been incredibly blessed to have her with Alexas since October. She has taken such good care of her as if she was her own baby. I was also fortunate enough to be home with Isla for the first four months of her life and Alexas made the transition from home to work so much easier on me. I am forever grateful to her for all the help she has given us. She is a role model mommy and I love her dearly. 

I know Isla is going to miss seeing her cousins every day, but she will also enjoy the new babies she will be with at Nova. Isla loves her cousins so much. She watches their every move and I can tell she wants to keep up with them. She laughs out loud at Macie and her face lights up with smiles whenever Macie or Emery talks to her.  Emery says, “Isla is me buddy.”  It’s so cute to watch the three of them growing and playing together.  I know the girls will continue to grow up together and I pray that they will always be close. 

Isla will be one of three babies in the nursery at her new childcare. We were very pleased with the low ratio and the family focused environment. Most of the staff has worked there for over ten years and some over twenty! She’ll also be super close to our work and home which means no more daily two hour commutes and we’ll be able to see her at lunch time. 

I know the first few weeks will be challenging for Isla and I so please remember us in your prayers. I pray for a smooth transition, continued confidence in our childcare choice and a happy healthy baby!

Thanks again to Awesome Auntie Alexas! We love you so much. 

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