Monday, December 3, 2012

Mama! Isla's first word!

My heart melted yesterday when I heard Isla say Ma-ma for the first time! I was giving her a bath and she said it to me twice after my mom and I got her out of the tub and wrapped her up. I thought to myself… well, maybe she is just jabbering and doesn’t realize what she is saying. Then, this morning when I walked into the kitchen, she looked at me and yelled, “mmmmma-ma!”  I screamed out in excitement and probably startled her out of saying it again, but I just couldn’t contain myself.
She has been jabbering a lot lately and working on her B and M sounds. Next up will be Dada! It’s so sweet to watch the excitement in her eyes as she learns her voice. I love talking to her and then pausing and waiting for her little responses. She is so eager to talk! I’m looking forward to hearing all of her other first words, but so happy “mama” was her very first!

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