Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Holiday Memories...

The Holidays bring back such fun memories for me. I adore Christmas. It is definitely my favorite Holiday. I have such wonderful memories from my childhood of winter white Christmas’, church plays, sleigh rides, hot cocoa, homemade candies, hunting for presents and warm family togetherness.
We were blessed enough to have the dream of a white Christmas come true on multiple occasions. I hope that as Isla gets older she will be able to experience the magic of waking up to piles of snow on Christmas morning.

My hometown church always had church plays and I loved being a part of them. Several seasons, I played the part of Mary. Other years I was an angel. I used to get so excited to get up in front of everyone and sing our songs. I also loved that my entire family would come to watch the play and be at church celebrating the season together. I’m pretty sure I thought I was a much better singer than I really was, but still I got smiles and hugs from everyone. I also loved the huge Christmas tree the church would put up. The white and gold ornaments were so large and dazzling.  I loved sitting around the tree for children’s church and all the goodies that they always shared with us every year.

My parents have the perfect setup for sleigh riding. Our house is perched on the very top of the hill with my uncle and grandparents living towards the bottom. We would start at the top, ride all the way down to the bottom and bail (most times) just in time to miss hitting the creek.  Sometimes we would even get my dad’s motorcycle helmets out and really suit up for the icy ride. After an hour or so… or whenever we could no longer stand the wet cold snow that had slide down our suits and socks, we would head in for some warm cocoa. I remember hanging our cold wet clothes up and mom having a warm cup of cocoa ready for us.

Another favorite memory is the homemade candies and pies my great-grandmother, grandmother and mom would make. Chocolate was always my favorite pie, but she also made a delicious coconut, apple and pumpkin pit too. The whipping on top and consistency would be perfect. I could eat a whole pie by myself! For candy, we would have fudge, chocolate and coconut balls, white chocolate covered pretzels and peanut butter crackers. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it! I’m looking forward to continuing on the tradition of making these candies with mom this year in honor of my grandmothers.

I was always on the hunt for presents growing up. Once I found out about the North Pole, I knew they were hidden somewhere in the house and it was my goal every year to find them! I remember the year my search was a success and the look on my mom’s face once she realized I had found ALL my presents. She took everything back, and that was the end of that. I didn’t search the next year.

I love this season and the way it brings our family together, I love the special time we all get to spend together. I love the many laughs we share, the delicious food we are blessed with and the memories we make, but most of all… I love the true meaning of this season. I’m so grateful that God thought so much of me to send his only son to live on earth, die for my sins and promise me forgiveness and a place in heaven.

Thank you God for this season you have blessed us with. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to be together and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ!

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