Saturday, December 22, 2012


It’s been a little over 6 months now since I held my sweet girl in my arms for the very first time. 

In the midst of extreme exhaustion and pain, her life and first cries brought immense peace to every fiber of my being.  My life forever changed in a blink of an eye and I feel like I’ve found a whole new type of love. 

My love has grown in so many ways. An unbreakable bond has been forever sealed for Isla and me. I have a new understanding of my mother’s love. I’ve fallen in love with my husband all over again as I watch him grow in his new role as a father. I see him look at Isla so endearing and it reminds me of my dad’s love for me. But most of all it has made me grow closer to God. I’ve drawn near to him as I finally understand his unconditional love for me. I pray constantly as Isla continues to grow and new milestones creep up on us. I understand the importance of my life here on earth and the importance of my role as a wife, mother, Christian and friend. Parenthood has been the favorite chapter of my life so far and its only just beginning.  

Thank you God for blessing me with such a precious life!

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