Thursday, April 11, 2013

Isla Rae: 10 Months Happenings

At 10 Months, Isla is doing the following…
  • Blowing kisses! – It is the cutest thing in the whole wide world.
  • Giving kisses – another heart melter… she leans in and gives me a big sloppy wet one right on the lips.
  • Playing peek-a-boo – she puts her hands over her eyes and then quickly pulls them away. She loves it when you act really excited to see her. It’s so cute.
  • Standing solo – wow, she has really developed a lot lately! She went from wobbly standing while holding on, to standing up in the middle of the floor with no help while holding a toy! Her balance has improved so much recently. I know it’s a matter of time before she takes off walking. I’ve even been dreaming about it lately.
  • Waving – she loves to wave hi and bye.
  • Climbing – look out world, we’ve got a climber! She loves climbing up stairs and I hate it! She’s on the move all the time, but recently she’s taken it to the next level and is now climbing onto everything. She throws her chunky little thigh up on the object and pulls herself up. I just hope she doesn’t slim down from all this moving. I love her thighs!
  • Teething – she has now cut 4 teeth total. The two on the bottom have come in well and the two on top are pushing their way in! It’s so funny to see her smile. Her smile has changed so much from that gummy smile to now seeing her pearly whites. No longer can I tell her to show me her gum-gums.
I hope to take some snapshots of her this weekend for her 10 month pictures. She is growing so fast. My little baby is becoming a toddler.Tear!

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