Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Wishing your life away...

On Mondays, do you wish it was Friday? On Wednesday, do you wish it was Thursday? Are you wishing your life away each and every week living for the next exciting day or your next break? 

I was. I was doing this weekly. I would wake up on Monday mornings and think, man… I wish it was Sunday again. After I got through Monday, I would think… oh, looking forward to Wednesday. 

And then one day it hit me… I’m wishing my life away. What if I am missing God’s blessings for me in the present by wishing for the future? What if while my thoughts are consumed of the weekend, I’m missing a meaningful moment during the week? 

I truly believe that God sends us blessings, lessons and purpose each and every day. Each day matters and each day holds a new opportunity. What if by missing one single day, it changed the events of your entire life forever? All of these thoughts have changed my wishful thinking. All of these realizations have made me live more in the moment, worry less, be more grateful and look forward to every single day even if I know deep down it holds challenges. 

How about you? Are you living in the moment God has given us or are you wishing for another day?

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