Monday, April 8, 2013

Letters to Isla Rae

Happy 10 months my sweet sweet girl!
You are a growing girl! You’ve developed so much just in the past few weeks. At 10 months, you officially have 3 teeth! Well, cut anyways… you can’t completely see the top one, but it’s there! The two bottom teeth have pushed through well, you’ve cut the top left tooth and the top right is working its way through. I’m confident you’ll have at least 4 teeth by the end of this month.  For the most part, you’ve done pretty well with teething, but I can tell they have been hurting you a little more than normal lately. 

You’re still not a good sleeper. You’ll go through a phase where you sleep for 4-6hrs straight for several days in a row, and then it’ll break and you’ll go back to waking up every two hours. I know all the milestones and developing has a lot to do with it. To a lot of moms, 4-6 hours seems insane… their babies sleep 8-11 straight, but you’ve never been a good or sound sleeper. Usually, you wake up at the slightest little bit of noise too. But regardless of the lack of sleep for both you and me, we both stay in a good mood. Just one look at your little bed head and my heart melts. 

You are still wearing 9months and can fit into 12 months clothing well now too. You hate getting dressed and getting diapered. You are very independent and busy. You want to be on the go constantly.

You love making noise. Your favorite toys are my Tupperware and wooden spoons. You love to bang them around and hit them with your spoons.

You are a pretty good eater. You like butternut squash, broccoli, love avocado and we recently introduced ham. 

You are waving and clapping still. You are standing up on your own. You can even stand up and pick up a book or hold a heavy toy while standing. Recently, you started walking along the furniture and walking from one object to the next holding on. I know it’s just a matter of time before you take off walking. 

You are saying bye-bye, Isla, Mama, Dada, Alldone (this one is really cute) and this weekend you said Papaw for the first time! You also started copying mom and saying no-no.

You are still an outdoors baby. You love being outside and it always calms you down. We are looking forward to doing all sorts of fun activities with you outside this spring and your dad can’t wait to get you in the pool. 

You are the apple of our eye and we love you soooo soooo much! Happy 10 months baby girl!


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