Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My little walker!

On Friday, Isla took her first unassisted steps! She has been cruising along furniture and really anything she can pull up on for quite a while now. We were sitting in the floor playing and I reached out to her with a toy. She grabbed the other end of the toy and walked towards me taking two steps. Wow, I thought! She is ready to do this! I tried again, and again she took two steps towards me, even better this time. So on the third try, I dropped the other end of the toy and she took four steps unassisted! 

We tried again once daddy was home, but by that time her chubby legs had turned into noodles and she wasn’t interested in getting a workout any longer. We tried again on Saturday and Joel got to experience it for himself. She still remains unsure and somewhat uneasy.

On Friday, I could tell she didn’t realize what she was doing yet. Now when she stands, you can tell she is thinking about it… so much so that she must be talking herself out of doing it. I don’t mind though.

To be honest, I’m not really ready for my baby to be a full time cruiser. It’s all happening so fast! I am just fine to stay in the crawling stage just a little while longer. Slow down Isla-Rae. You are growing up too fast!

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