Monday, March 12, 2012

Fruit Crate Makeover

As you’ve probably gathered, I’ve been nesting like crazy lately. I’ve spring cleaned our entire house from top to bottom and when I’ve not been cleaning, I’ve had a power drill in hand hanging, screwing, and creating new pieces for the house or nursery. 

A year or so ago, Joel and his dad, Matt, went to an estate sell. They each got a box of old stuff, that neither one of them did anything with really…. Until now. Matt’s items came in an old fruit crate. We’ve had the crate sitting in our attic since our last yard sale and I wasn’t sure what to do with it until now. 

Once again, Tip Junkie inspired me to revamp the old into something new. They shared this lovely post from the blog, Running with Scissors on how to create a crate to clear the clutter. I was smitten with the rustic and nursery styles. I decided instead of creating a new one, I would redo the old one I have.

Here are the steps I took…
  1. I started with washing the crate thoroughly and then moved into sanding.  
  2. Once sanded, I then scraped the paper off of the sides and repaired anything that needed mending.
  3. I then used one of my favorite stains, dark walnut, and stained the crate both inside and out.
  4. Once stained, I added 4 wheels to the bottom. 

I plan to use the crate to stack diapers and changing products in, and then possibly use it as a magazine holder later on. You can find these crates at the grocery stores, flea markets and farmers markets. There are other versions you can do and endless possibilities for use of these crates.  Just ask for yours and get started on your own DIY version!

Here are my before and after pictures.



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