Friday, March 9, 2012

Thankful for our blessing...

Recently, my friend Kristen, who is also pregnant, shared a verse from the book of Samuel with me that really moved me. So I created a design by using this free online program called Pixlr. It's much like photoshop, only free and you are able to access on a PC. I converted it to an 8 x 10 PDF and plan to print the verse out on cute card stock paper, frame it and eventually add the baby’s hand prints to the image.

There are so many cute things to do in the nursery, but I wanted to add some things that make me reflect on what a miracle God has given me and just how much He has blessed us with the gift of a child. 

Below is the image in case you would like to print it for yourself. I can also send you the PDF as well. If you would like for me to change the font or text color, just message me and I can do it for you very easily!

Have a blessed day!

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