Monday, March 19, 2012

Week 31

Dear Baby Girl,

I can’t believe you’ll be here in just 2 months! I’m so anxious to meet you and kiss your sweet face. Our doctors say we’re both healthy and getting along just fine… a text book pregnancy, minus the never ending morning sickness.  I sure do feel lucky to have you growing and developing in my belly!

Some things I know about you already… 
  • You are going to be active at night. The nighttime is when you love to kick, roll and squirm around. Your movement seems endless at night.
  • You love blue grass, Norah Jones and any similar type music. Every time I play it for you, you kick.
  • You love it when I talk to you. Every evening, when we take our bath, you hear my voice and move to let me know you hear me.
  • You don’t like for other people to feel you kick, lol. You’ll kick five times in a row for me to where others can even see my belly move, but the second they place their hands on my belly… you stop. 
  • You are already loved so much. You’ve already changed my life for the better and I cannot wait to see what other adventures await us.

Love you!

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