Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Nursery...

We started working on the nursery in January. I can’t wait to post pictures on our progress. I should have done a before picture, but I do plan to post the finished space.

We are working with a very small space. We decided we wanted to have the baby on the same floor as us, and as close to our bedroom as possible. Well with the current layout of our home, this meant our sewing room or sitting room off of our master bedroom had to become our baby girl’s nursery.  Eventually, we’ll finish the room upstairs that we currently use as storage and maybe this will become a new bedroom, playroom or Joel’s dream, a man cave. For now, we are making do with what we have.

So far, we have the crib in place (the most important part), a glider (we found almost new off of craigslist for $75) and some decorative accents from my favorite store in the world, HomeGoods. We also found an old dresser off of craigslist that I am currently painting and stenciling. I'm making all the art work for the wall and cannot wait to share all my DIY projects!

The walls were already painted a pale yellow so we decided to keep the color scheme neutral for the most part. The base of the room is pale yellow and I’ve added some light brown  accents. Our furniture is white which helps keep the space from looking too small. I’ve also worked in raspberry pink accents through throw pillows, blankets and artwork. I hope to paint some old shelves I have either pink or brown to give the room a pop of color. 

For bedding, we are going basic. I had no idea that baby bedding could be so expensive and it seems every set I like is over $300! I refuse to pay that much on baby bedding that will only last a couple years. So with prices sky high, I decided to go the basic route. I am picking out several sheet prints that I love and that coordinate with the room. We got a basic ivory crib skirt from Amazon, which I love. It lays perfectly with the crib. My friend Jamie blessed us with a bumper that I adore and the colors match perfectly! It’s all coming together in my head; I just hope the final outcome looks as good!

I can’t wait to post the pictures!

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