Friday, March 16, 2012

My Next Two DIY Projects...

DIY overload...I've already picked out my next two DIY projects!  Alexas shared this brilliant idea with me on how to dress up paper lanterns. Instead of a lamp, we're going to do a paper lantern makeover and hang like the ones seen here.... You can find the full DIY post on this lovely blog called Crafty Nest. I plan to start on this one after my baby shower.

The other DIY top of mind is a burlap canopy for over the crib. I first got the idea off of one of my favorite sites, A vendor had posted one of these as a newborn prop. I'm going to head to the crafts stores this weekend to see what I can find to make my own version of this!



  1. Did you end up making these? I want to see pics!!

    1. No not yet, lol! I've been working on other DIY stuff and I took a little break for a while, haha. Miss you JJD!