Thursday, November 15, 2012

Isla 5 Months

I can really tell Isla is developing and getting ready to be on the move. At 5 months, she rolls over multiple times. She can roll over from back to belly and from belly to back. I can lay her down for just a second and turn back around and she will have already rolled over 3 times! She has to be in the mood though… She definitely does things when SHE wants to.

She is grasping her toys better. She holds on to her pacifier now and sucks on the outside of it. It cracks me up how she bites and sucks on the edges of it, but hardly ever sucks on it like most babies do. She gets frustrated with her toys very easily. If she can’t get the whole toy in her mouth then she gets angry, haha. Everything that she puts in her tiny little hands goes straight to her mouth. When she gets frustrated with her toy, she smacks it and grunts loudly. I can tell she is going to have a temper. 

She is teething. She sucks on her thumb and sometimes tries to get her whole hand in her mouth, sucking on all four fingers at once. Still no signs of any bottom teeth. We are hoping we get to see her gummy smile a little while longer, but we are also hoping her teething is as pain free as possible.
She likes sitting in her high chair for the most part. We haven’t introduced solids yet, but plan to start once she is sitting up on her own better. She is sitting up better, but still needs the extra support of mommy or a pillow. 

She is laughing a lot. I LOVE her little giggles. It’s so easy for me to get her chuckling too. She loves when I make faces at her or make silly noises.  She is also very ticklish. She is ticklish almost everywhere…under her chin and arms, on the top of her chunky thighs and on the back of her legs, on the bottom of her feet and around her tiny toes. It’s so fun to tickle her.
She is very smart. I love talking to her and asking her questions, then pausing and waiting for her little baby talk responses. I can tell already she is going to be a talker. I look forward to starting Baby Signing Time with her in the coming months. 

Isla loves…

She loves grabbing her feet while laying down and trying to get her toes in her mouth.  She loves any toy that talks or sings. My mom has gotten her a baby doll that prays and a bear that sings “Jesus Loves Me” and both make her face light up. She loves bath time now and she loves looking at Bella. She loves to pinch!

Mommy loves…

I love snuggling with Isla. I love cuddling with her and holding onto her sweet legs or feet while we sleep. I love nursing and the irreplaceable time that we have together. I love mornings with Isla. She is always so smiley in the mornings. I love when she reaches for me or squeezes her little arms around my neck. I love making her laugh. I love her smell.

Daddy loves…

Changing diapers. :)

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