Monday, November 12, 2012

Love like in the movies...

It's funny to me how things fall into place and how God knows what's going to happen before it ever happens. I look back at all my past heart aches, tears and failed relationships and think how drastically different my life would be if all those tears had not happened. Yes, my husband and I both endured pain and heart breaks before we found one another...and even after we met, things did not magically fall into place.

My husband  jokes that I have a movie playing in my head and I want our life to be a romantic comedy. We're conditioned to believe that real life is like the movies. Waiting for that fairytale prince to come and whisk us off our feet. Waiting for the perfect first kiss, proposal and honeymoon. But I've learned that when I set these expectations, it isn't fair, it isn't real, it isn't right and it isn't as fun!

Our awkward first kiss is forever a favorite memory etched in our minds. It didn't happen after a candlelight dinner, under a waterfall or while walking on the beach. We laugh when we look back at our first date that was at the not so perfect place, Ed's Tavern... We laugh at how awkward we both were, trying to impress one another. I had a nice big pimple on my face (I was definitely not airbrushed like in the movies!) and I kept trying to hide it by pulling my hair over it all night. This wasn't exactly ideal since it was smack dab in the middle of my forehead! I thought I was doing a good job concealing it until one of my guy friends called me out. Joel loves this story today. And the truth is, I didn't need to hide it. I didn't need to be perfect. He already liked me, for me. We shared our first kiss in the parking lot that night with headlights in our eyes. Makes me laugh to think about how unromantic it was, but it didn't need to be glamorous, it didn't need to be like the movies. We didn't know it then, but it was the beginning of our love story. The beginning to a crazy, messy, not so perfect love that is our life.

Our honeymoon is another favorite memory. Anyone that knows me, knows I love romantic comedies and I had watched enough to get a high expectation of what to expect on our honeymoon. When we arrived, I was expecting a non stop romantic love fest with rose petals, champagne bubbles and non stop adoration from my new hubby. Every where we looked there was signs on the doors that read "honeymooners" but when we got to our door, it was bare. No sign. Why did I need a sign on the door to confirm we were on our honeymoon? I don't know, I ask myself this question still today. We called down to the front desk multiple times and requested one...still no sign came. A few days later, Joel walked down to the front desk and requested again...still no sign. A couple days before we left, we got our sign. It was placed on our door upside down and read "Happy Anniversary!"  We both laughed at how funny the situation had become. Now on our anniversary each year, we put the sign up on our front door. It wasn't the perfect romantic getaway like in the movies, but we made perfect, long-lasting memories with one another.

I love our real life love.

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