Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Requesting prayers for Isla

I knew this day would come eventually, but I didn’t expect it to come so soon. My poor little baby has been sick since last Friday.  It’s so pitiful to watch your baby struggle with illness. My heart breaks for parents whose children suffer from serious diseases and sickness. I cannot even imagine.

Isla has had a bad cold. While it seems mild, it’s rough on a baby. She doesn’t understand why her throat hurts, why she can’t stop coughing and what that yucky stuff is that is causing her to struggle to breathe through her nose. It’s also hard for me to know what’s hurting her at any given time. We took a trip to the doctor this week, and for the time being we just have to watch her closely to make sure it doesn’t turn into the RSV virus as she is starting to wheeze a little bit.

She is dealing with everything well even though she is not herself. She continues to smile through the sneezes and coughs. Please remember my sweet girl in your prayers. Praying for healing to her little body and we can be healthy and happy.


  1. Not sure what your doc recommends, but I know with both boys the humidifier (and lots of steamy showers - or running the shower and just sitting in the steam) always helped when they had sore throat/coughs/etc... just passing along something that worked for us!

  2. Thank you Ginger! We started the humidifier last night and I tried the steamy shower tonight. Keep the tips coming!