Friday, January 11, 2013

Encouragement for Moms

Isla has been doing wonderful at day care… so wonderful that it’s almost made me feel a little bit inadequate. She does things for her caretakers that she won’t do for me.  She’s so attached to me and when I am around she only wants me… and she wants me non-stop. To hold her, rock her, feed her and show her attention. In light of all the things she is learning and doing at her childcare it made me think, am I doing something wrong? Can I be doing more?

I’ve also been starting to think about Isla’s first birthday party. What can I say… I’m a planner! While perusing pinterest, I've found so many moms that pull off extravagant birthday parties, make decadent cakes and have homemade everything.  This too makes me feel like I fall short. Getting a full day’s work in and making dinner with a little help from Betty Crocker is a big accomplishment for me.

So all in all, I had been feeling pretty down this week. Down on myself as a mom for not doing enough or not doing things “right”, down on myself for not being #1 wife and down on myself for not spending more time with my friends or just having some me time. But then, The Better Mom website lifted me up as it so often does. I read the post most recent post by Ruth Schwenk and watched Sally Clarkson’s video and immediately I had renewed strength, purpose and confidence in myself. I know now that I am doing a good job, following God’s grace and giving motherhood my all is enough! I’m looking forward to gaining even more strength on Sunday after the The New Rules of Resolution Sermon at Elevation Church on living by grace.

Hope this post/video helps other struggling mommies too!

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