Monday, January 7, 2013

Sweet Potatoes, Carrots & Peas, Oh my!

We started solids again this weekend. We started Isla on sweet potatoes a month ago, but her little tummy was not ready for big girl food just yet. She had a lot of trouble digesting it and a lot of tummy pain. Since she was about 3-4 weeks old, she’s struggled with gas pains. She was a little colicky in her earlier months. For several weeks, the only thing that would console her was daddy’s shoulder. Then we switched gripe water brands to Mommy’s Bliss and this really seemed to help.

Lately, we could tell she was very interested in eating. She watched us as we ate so attentively and started reaching for our bites. This weekend, we decided to try again. We tried carrots. We videoed it this time and it was hilarious. She would take a bite, scrunch up her little button nose and shake all over as if they were sour! They were really sweet. I tried them out after we pureed them just to make sure they were tasty. She ate maybe a teaspoon full on Saturday and Sunday. 

I have to say… I am not digging the dirty diapers that accompany solid foods! Haha.  She still had some stomach issues with the carrots so we’re going to take it slow with little bits each day this week. Next up on the palate, peas! Yum :)

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