Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Isla's 1st Christmas

I took a break from blogging over the last several weeks. It was so nice to have so much time with Isla, Joel and our families. Isla had such a great Christmas. 

For her first Christmas, we spent Christmas Eve with Gigi, Papa and the Bradbury family. She also went on her first Christmas crawl with the Carlisle’s, Bradbury’s and Locke’s. This was her very first Holiday party.

We headed up to the mountains late Christmas Eve and spent Christmas day with the Joneses. Joel read the Christmas story in Luke and Matthew on Christmas morning and we opened presents afterwards. She really got the hang of opening presents after the first couple. She loved the bows! The bow was the first thing she went for. She also loved the boxes too. They went straight to her mouth every time. 

We were blessed with so many wonderful gifts for Isla and are so appreciative to our families and to God for giving us the special time with one another. I realize how quickly the time goes by with each passing day with Isla. I had been looking forward to having a whole week off from work for so long and it went by so fast. It literally felt more like a day rather than a week and a half. Her six month of age is almost coming to an end.

Our sweet girl will be 7 months old on Friday. She is growing up too fast!

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