Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Finally... a green Isla likes!

Since Isla started eating solids she hasn't been too keen on anything green. She wasn't a fan of peas at all. Even after trying them the third and fourth time, she was determined not to like them. Most of the peas would end up as stains on her shirt and all across her high chair tray verses in her little belly.

Avocados were not for her either at first. She has started liking them lately, but it took lots of tries before we got the confirmed, "mmm...."

This week green beans is on the menu and she gave them two thumbs up! She absolutely loves green beans! The more I make for her, the better. She always eats them all and she hums while she eats them. Anytime she eats something she likes, she hums while she eats. It's the cutest thing ever!

They love feeding her green beans at daycare because she hums while she eats them.

So far, we've been making the majority of Isla's food. We did get some organic dried fruits and veggies from nurturme for the days when there is simply not enough time, but we find she really likes it best when we make it fresh. It was so easy peasy to make the green beans for this week. We steamed fresh green beans, and then I made sure all the beans were soft and cut into small pieces. I most of the green beans up in our Magic Bullet and left a few unmashed to put on her tray.

Avocados are another really easy baby food. All you have to do is scope out the greens and mash it up with a fork! I have been adding a little bit of milk with each as well to give her an extra boost of nutrients and make the consistency a little thinner.

We plan on doing corn, broccoli, egg plant and butternut squash in the coming weeks. It's so easy to make your own for the entire week ahead. Sundays are our days for cooking for both us and Isla. 

I'll leave you with this sweet picture of my little sweet potato!

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