Monday, January 21, 2013

Finally on the mend...

We are finally almost at the end of the road of recovery! The Bradbury's have had the flu and it has been rough! Luckily, my mom came down to help nurse us back to good health.

It amazes me how resilient Isla is. She is so strong! I felt so bad and I know she had to too, but she stayed smiley through it all. She kept up her good spirits by clapping and smiling the whole time...runny nose and all.

It's a whole new world being sick with a little one. I was so thankful my mom could come help out. No matter how bad I felt, I just looked over at Isla's beaming smile and instantly felt a little better. I'm thankful we are at the end of this and can focus on staying healthy for the rest of 2013!

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