Monday, July 9, 2012

The best and worst all in one day...

Today, while both challenging and rewarding, the good out weighted the bad...

Today, Isla smiled the most she has smiled yet. Every time she woke up she was a smiley girl. She smiled at me first...without me having to coo or ahh at her.

She did the best with being content today as well. She laid on the boppy for a while both asleep and awake. She sat in her bouncy today while Auntie Heather visited and she seemed happy for most of the day.

Her worst came out today too. She had a doctor's appointment late in the afternoon today and unfortunately, that meant she had to go into the car seat. She did the worst in her car seat today. I tried everything... bouncing, swinging, nursing, rocking, etc... today, nothing worked. She just had to scream it out the ride there and back.

It broke my heart...but there was nothing I could do. She screamed as loud as she could and I sang as loud as I could. As soon as I lifted her out of the car seat she calmed down, thankfully. It was one of those rides where I was praying every stop light would be green, every right away would be mine and that I didn't get pulled over.

Prayers answered!

All in all, even though we had a few really tough hours...the good out weighted the bad!

Happy 5 weeks baby girl and thanks for all the precious smiles today! It made Mommy's day!

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  1. I remember many, many car rides like that.....just having to breathe and pray that it would be over quickly!