Monday, July 30, 2012

Isla Rae 8 weeks today!

My sweet little baby is 8 weeks today! Wow, how much you have grown and filled out! When I first held you in my arms the only thing that was chubby was your cheeks, now you have roles galore.

You are making all kinds of noises, both happy and sad. You love it when I sing to you and fall asleep when I read to you. You are sleeping better and riding better in the car. You still have a big appetite, which keeps me busy.

No matter how long the day is, there still never seems to be enough time. I take tons of pictures and videos so we can look back and remember all these precious weeks. At least this will be a little way for me to relive these moments.

My names for you so far are, sugar, peanut, cutie pie and sometimes... little stinker. :)

I love you!

Here you are today at 8 weeks!

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