Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Songs for Children

I had no idea there were so many choices for children's music until we had Isla. I've always known the classic lullabies like "Rock-a-bye Baby" of course and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", but I had no idea there were so many other great tunes out there.

I absolutely love Elizabeth Mitchell and her album for children. We actually listen to her almost everyday now and I love my Elizabeth Mitchell Pandora station. Some of my favorites by Mitchell are, You Are My Flower, You Are My Sunshine, Little Sack of Sugar, Little Liza Jane (also love that name), Peace Like a River and Lovely Day.

I especially love, Lovely Day. I feel like the lyrics really hit home and are so true for me... no matter what I'm faced with... all it takes is one look from Isla and I feel so blessed and glad to be on this earth another day.

 Here is Elizabeth Mitchell's version (best one I could fine...):

I also love listening to the Guess Who's song, Black Bird and the Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles. Jack Johnson and Ingrid Michaelson have some great songs out for children too. Isla loves the upbeat songs when she is awake and we listen to more of the lullaby tunes when we are getting ready for a nap or to sleep at night. Jewel also has some beautiful lullabies for babies.

I love listening to the lullabies, holding Isla close to my chest and slow dancing with her at night. It's funny that Joel and I slow danced in the hospital during labor to ease the pain and now I'm slow dancing with our baby to ease her pains. Every day with her truly is a lovely day.

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