Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Wow, at 6 weeks I've definitely noticed the most changes in our baby. I've posted before about her finding her voice, well this week, she found she can make all kinds of noises... from sweet little ohhs and ahhs to ear piercing screams and squeals.

She's also started to make all sorts of facial expressions. I believe I've posted before that it's easy to get her to smile, sometimes she even offers me a smile without me having to prompt her with any silly noises or faces...especially in the mornings. Lately, she's started to make new sad faces and surprised faces too. Her sad faces range from a pouty bottom lip to raised eye brows accompanied by a very sad "ohhh." Her surprised faces usually involve an "ohhh" too but at a much higher sound and usually followed by a "ha!" 

It's simply amazing to watch your little one grow and all the new changes and developments that come with each day. Isla has given me a new purpose in the this world. Each morning, I am so grateful just to wake up beside her and have another day in this world to spend with her. All of her daily changes and challenges effect me immensely and have opened up my eyes to a new found love, an unconditional love, an unfathomable love... I have a new understanding of my mother's love for me. She has also made me reflect on my spirituality and learn the kind of love that God feels for us.

I am so thankful God has made me a Momma and look forward to raising a Christian daughter.

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