Friday, December 16, 2011

Greetings Family & Friends!

Welcome to my blog, and my first ever entry! I've always wanted to start a blog and love following others, but I just needed a little motivation. Recently, God gave me the motivation I desired! 

After suffering from Interstitial Cystitis  for most of my life and struggling with severe endometriosis and chronic ovarian cysts, I had been told by several doctors that the possibility of ever becoming pregnant was grim. This was a hard realization to swallow. There were many tears shed and many alternative medicines tried. 

I met my husband, Joel, in 2008. We both work for the same company and out of a friendship, our relationship grew. He was there with me in 2009 when I was told by the doctor that pregnancy would more than likely not be in our future and he stood by me through it all. He is the epitome of loyal. 

In the spring of this year, we got married after nearly three years of dating. We were surrounded by family and friends on a beautiful May day at an old southern plantation called, 1812 Hitching Post. Our wedding was the essence of my style, vintage, shabby-chic with a dash of elegance.  We both knew we were up against some strong odds to be able to have our own child, but we also knew nothing was too big of an obstacle for our God. 

Shortly after marriage, we began to pray for God to bless us with a child if it was in His will and send us acceptance and peace if it was not. In beginning to pray for our life story and God’s plan, we both grew closer to God in our marriage. We began to have an understanding only He can provide. After only four months of marriage, to our surprise and utter shock, we learned we were expecting! At first Joel did not believe it. I myself knew for a fact. I could tell something was different.  We were both cautiously optimistic and we made our first appointment with the doctor… 

Confirmed! Expected due date, May 26th 2012. Only three days away from our wedding anniversary. 

Through this experience my faith has grown stronger than ever. I’ve thrown my pessimist attitude to the wind and know beyond a shadow of a doubt nothing is too big for my God. Even if the outcome is not what I want it to be, I know there is a greater plan. Today, I am nearly 18 weeks along. I’m feeling better and better every day and the baby’s heartbeat is as strong as ever.  I cannot wait to become a mother. I know this will undoubtedly be the most rewarding job in my life.

I look forward to writing more encouraging posts about our life, our baby and other little blessings that get me through the day! See you soon.


  1. Cassie, I had no idea about the complications in your life and am so, so happy for your true miracle and blessing from God!

  2. Cassie, what a beautiful Miracle ...I am wondering though, how old is your daughter now, and also, were there any specific scriptures that carried you through and that you clung too as you surrendered the outcome to the Lord? I can't wait to here more....Blessings and Miracles,