Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Waiting is the Hardest Part...

This year, I’m more excited for January 4th than I am Christmas. On January 4th, we get to find out if we’ll be welcoming a beautiful baby boy or girl into our lives. I’m overjoyed to finally know and start preparing. I am 100% the planner of our family. Joel on the other hand, would probably rather wait until the day of to find out. He loves surprises and can withstand the anticipation…while the anticipation kills me and I feel like I have to know!

As a kid, I would try to find my Christmas presents around the house every year before Christmas. My mom had to get creative on her hiding places. I remember one year, she hid the gifts under my bed. I searched the whole house high and low, never even thinking to look in my own room. The gifts were all under my bed the whole time, the one place I would never think to look! 

Well this year, there's another gift I can’t snoop around and find myself.  The good news is there are only 15 more days until we will know for sure! 

Whether it’s a boy or girl doesn’t really matter to us. Joel and I know that whatever the Lord blesses us with, will be loved like no child before.


  1. Ok....is there any reason why the "B" is in a pink circle?????? Gigi

  2. No, not really. But I guess it could resemble Baby B and me :)