Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Santa Claus, aka...Joel (after all they both have beards) gave me some wonderful gifts today! This was our first Christmas together as a married couple, and my first Christmas ever spending it without my family. We didn't get to go home this year for Christmas because my mom, dad, grandpa, and brother's family all have a stomach flu. We're postponing our Christmas gathering until next weekend, with the hope that everyone will be feeling better - and less contagious!

Joel and I started some of our own new traditions this morning, and carried on some old ones. We both took turns reading the bible and praying before we exchanged gifts. Joel whipped up my favorite breakfast, french toast, maple syrup bacon and homemade skillet potatoes. And we've been watching the classic, Ben-Hur all morning by the fire.

This year we set a limit on spending. I got him two new pairs of shoes, his old ones were falling apart and he continued to wear them with no complaints, so I felt he was long overdue for an up grade. I also got him a golf cooler with a special surprise inside... a voucher for 7 rounds of golf. I think he liked this one the best. He had hinted more than once this was what he really wanted...

Joel had the giving spirit a little early this year. He gave me a new pair of UGGs and a long gray sweater dress a couple weeks before Christmas. Today, I opened three more thoughtful gifts.

He gave me a rose gold angel wing pendant necklace to signify our little angel on the way. Which I love!

A Michael Kors watch! I love the rose gold. He has such good taste.

And one of my favorite books that I can't wait to read to our baby. So sweet! I sure am one lucky girl!

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  1. I love that tradition of reading from the Bible before you open your Christmas gifts. :) Such a sweet Christmas story, and you will always remember this Christmas! I hope it was wonderful!!