Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Church for the first time...

On Sunday, we took Isla to church in Charlotte for the first time. She also went while we were in Georgia visiting family a couple weeks ago, but we stayed in a separate room for the service.

This Sunday, while I didn't get to hear a chunk of the sermon due to her fussiness, it felt so good to go and be present in the church...AND take her for the first time! We normally go to Elevation Church, but this past Sunday, we visited my brother's church, Exodus in Belmont. It was a great sermon. You can check it out here! We loved the music, friendliness and how connected everyone is.

Church is so important to us and we look forward to raising Isla in the church. Some of my favorite memories as a child involve church some how. Whether it was going to church with my grandma, attending VBS (Vacation Bible School) or camp Caswell (my favorite when I got older), church was always a place I could call home. It is so important to us to raise Isla to be a Godly little girl and always make sure God is at the center of everything. I pray that I can always set a good example and live my life for Him.

Here is Isla wearing my dress from when I was a that she can wear my old clothes!

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