Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sweet summertime...

I've had a lot of great summers in my life time. Summers spent mostly on the beach, summers spent on lake Norman, summers spent traveling, summers spent living it up with friends...but no summer has ever been as wonderful, as great, as gratifying, as challenging or as rewarding as this one.

This summer has flown by. Time was not used up at the pool, getting a tan or taking a road trip. Most of my days were spent at home...not leaving the house for days, sometimes weeks...and to some this might sound like a nightmare, but it has been some of the best days of my life.

Spending every minute of every day with Isla has taught me so much. An unstoppable love fills my heart. Having a child has brought me closer to God, gave me a new appreciation for my parents, and  strengthened my marriage.

I'm so thankful I have been given this time to spend with my daughter. To focus on family and our home and remember each day God gives us whether rain or shine is a true blessing. I am truly in awe of God's blessings and plans for my life.

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