Thursday, August 2, 2012

Here are the days of motherhood

Gone are the days of wearing accessories, spending hours shopping, making last minute lunch plans and unplanned dinners. Gone are the days of buying dry clean only clothing, spending more than 10 minutes a day on my hair and getting a manicure whenever I want. Gone are the days of landscaping for hours at a time, spring cleaning and closet organization. Gone are the days, or nights rather, of partying until the wee hours, last minute planned road trips and spur of the moment vacations.

Here are the days of pure joy, heart melting laughter, and endless smiles. Here are the days of learning to let the cleaning go, adapting to change and gaining a new found patience. Here are the days of love like I've never known before, worry like I have never felt before and a new sense of purpose. Here are the nights of more books being read, songs being sung and time spent in the rocking chair. Here are the days of more planned vacations, more road trips spent in the back seat with a new crying companion and more time spent with the family. Here are the days of finding another reason to be a better me every day.

Here are the days of motherhood.

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  1. So true - motherhood - the good, the bad and the inbetweens :)