Sunday, August 26, 2012

Isla Rae 11 Weeks

I've really noticed a lot of changes in Isla this week. New faces, noises, interests and just overall adorableness. :)

She is still cooing a lot, but in addition to that, she has started squealing and screaming. Sometimes they are sad squeals, but mostly, she is just finding her voice and learning she can make new sounds. She has also started laughing more, especially when I tickle her.

She has also learned so many new facial expressions. She raises her eyebrows up when something catches her eye, she wrinkles her nose up when she smiles and she makes lots of faces with her cute little mouth.
She notices Bella now too. Every time she sees her, she smiles.

One major development this week, is her interest in toys. She loves looking at all the bright colors, the squeaky noises her toys make and she loves putting them in her mouth. Once she grasps on to something she pulls it straight towards her mouth. I love watching her reach for her toys or study something in depth for several minutes. You can just see her little wheels turning as she takes it all in.

It's amazing (and scary) how fast she is growing. A sleeper she wore just a few days ago, didn't fit her today. It's hard to believe ah is growing that quickly. Everyone always tells you how time flies by and how fast your baby will grow, but its so hard to fathom until you experience it yourself. Isla will be 12 weeks on Monday yet I feel like I just held her in my arms for the first time yesterday.

Here is Isla's many faces at 11 weeks and her studying her toys. :)

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