Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Letters to Isla Rae

Dear baby Isla,

You are 10 weeks old this week and getting such a personality! I'm amazed at the personality you are already showing at just 10 weeks! You are so smart. You catch on to things quickly and love mimicking me. You notice your toys and objects more now and have started to reach for them. You are loving playtime with mom more and more every day. You also love to sit on my lap while I read a book to you. You love staring at the colorful pages.

Your favorite thing to do is blow spit bubbles, coo at mom and sit in your bouncy seat. You hate your swinging chair, the car seat and being cradled. You always want to be upright, sitting up or even standing so you can see what is going on. You are sleeping through the night well, but still haven't mastered napping during the day. You are getting better though. I can tell you are going to fight sleep already.
Your hair is getting thicker every day and you have long eyelashes that have started to curl up...just like your dad's. You are so beautiful. You have also started to fill out more. Your thighs keep getting chunkier and chunkier and I love it!

Your Gigi and Papa came to visit you last week and you visited your Mamaw and Papaw over the weekend. You also got to see your dad's best friend, Uncle Mike, and Pookie (your aunt Sandy). Everyone loves you so much. You are such a happy girl when you are not gassy. Its so easy to get a big smile out of you and I love how you smile with your pretty blue eyes.

You are growing and changing so quickly and your dad and I couldn't be more proud of you.


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