Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Story time...

Once upon a time, there was a little baby who loved for her mommy to read to her...

Isla loves story time already! I try to read at least one book to her a day. She loves the books her Uncle Mike gave her that were his favorite childhood books, and she loves the bright colors in all the Dr. Seuss books, but most of all, I think she loves all the silly noises and voices I use.

I think it's funny that when you have kids, you no longer care what you sound like or if you are making a fool out of yourself. You'll say and do anything to get a smile out of them or make them happy.

I try to change it up and use different accents for each character. I'm sure my husband is going to get it on video one of these days and my silliness will go viral, but I don't care. Isla loves it. She sits on my lap so content and engaged. She studies each page relentlessly, taking all the colors and shapes in. I love to watch her eyes light up as a turn the page and change my voice.

This week, we read one of my favorite childhood books, "Corduroy." It made me remember all the times my mom would read to my brother and I.  I hope story time will always be a special memory for Isla.

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