Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 3 Week Birthday!

Happy 3 week Birthday sweet Isla Rae. It's ironic we both woke up at 3am this morning... exactly when they told us 3 weeks ago I was 10cm and its time to meet my baby. After over a day and a half of laboring and waiting to see you, I thought I would meet you within the hour. Little did I know, it would be nearly 4 hours later at 6:50am when I held you for the first time. We heard your cry and our hearts melted.

With overwhelming love, triumph, admiration and exhaustion we cuddled for hours discovering one another. I looked your whole body over. Ten tiny toes, Ten tiny (and long) fingers, a perfect nose, chubby cheeks, delicate lips, a head full of brown hair just like I had when I was born. With vulnerable eyes you looked up at me, but yet you knew exactly who I was... you recognized my voice, your daddy's voice and you were calm lying on my chest knowing that you were in your momma's arms and we would keep you safe.

Each and every day I spend with you my love for you grows immensely. It amazes me that it has already been 3 weeks and at the same time it scares me because I know how fast you will grow up. In a blink of an eye you will be walking. It's hard to fathom how much you have grown, changed and accomplished already during these 3 week short weeks. Every minute I spend with you is priceless.

You are an unbelievable Godsend and I thank Him for you every day.

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