Thursday, June 28, 2012

Top 10 things I try to do every day:

  1. Give thanks to God when I wake up – because every day is a gift from Him!
  2. Smile when I answer the phone or talk on the phone to friends, family and clients– because it sets the tone for a good conversation.
  3. Give at least one compliment to someone – because it makes the other person and myself feel good.
  4. Take a walk (when it's not nearly 100 degrees outside!) – because I need the fresh air and exercise.
  5. Tell Joel and Isla I love them – because I do.
  6. Smile at strangers and say hello – because I love being friendly.
  7. Read at least one Bible verse – because there is still so much I don’t know and need to know to grow spiritually and be able to teach Isla.
  8. Catch up with a friend – because I’m lucky enough to have them.
  9. Spend time singing, reading, holding and talking to Isla – because I want her to always feel loved.
  10. Think positive thoughts – because I believe it begins there. 

This picture makes me think of Heaven

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