Saturday, June 23, 2012

Letters to Isla Rae

Dear Isla,

Here is a review of happenings, your accomplishments and Isla-isms we have noticed the week June 17th - 22nd.

  • Our dear friends wrote and recorded a song just for YOU! We're looking forward to revealing it soon. Possibly with your birth video. We love it!
  • You had your first pool day (in the shade) to celebrate father's day with your Papa.
  • Your daddy doll came in the mail. I know you are going to adore it as you grow.
  • Your daddy celebrated his first father's day with us. It was a very special day of doing a whole lot of nothing! :)
  • You got to meet your Uncle Mike B's parents! Mrs. Baker made you the prettiest blanket ever!
  • We celebrated your 2 week birthday on Monday.
  • You upgraded from newborn diapers to size 1 and we'll be trying cloth diapers soon.
  • Your Mamaw came to visit and help take care of you (and me) for four days! It was such a blessing to have her here with us and you loved cuddling with her.
  • Your tears flow now when you cry. You shed your very first tear on the 14th, now these heart breaking tears flood from both eyes... mostly when you run out of patience with momma and daddy. 
  • You are doing a much much better job nursing - which I thank you for!
  • Music calms you down. I played music for you while I was pregnant almost every night. Your favorite Pandora station seams to be Mozart's Lullaby Radio.
  • Your favorite shoulder in the world is your daddy's right and you love laying your head on your right side.
  • You want to be held.... all the time. 
  • You love to sleep snuggled right up against me, or even on my chest...
  • You started finding your voice more this week (and not your screaming voice) Your awwws, and ohhhhs are starting to be more regular.
  • You gained a whole pound since your birthday! You now weight 9lbs and 3ozs... and are very healthy!
  • You overcame thrush - such a strong girl already.
  • You had your first bath at home with mom and dad, then later in the week Mamaw gave you one too!
  • You visited your friends at Yodle and wore one of your favorite onesies that Ms. Jodi made for you.
  • You wore one of my sleepers that I wore when I was a newborn...
  • And on Saturday, we're hoping you'll be able to meet Mamma Pat and Nana! (Your Auntie Kati's momma and grandma)

Here are some pictures from this week.

Hanging out looking cute.

 Loving my daddy doll already!

Rocking my vintage attire from mom

Showing Dad who's boss...

Sleeping just like momma used to when she was a baby.

 Getting ready for my 2 week doctor's visit. I love my socks!

Getting ready to go see my friends at Yodle... don't I look fancy?!

I love my poodle onesie Ms. Jodi! And the headband mom made this morning to match :)

A lil butterball! 

My new girlfriends.

I look forward to checking in soon with more weekly updates!

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