Friday, June 29, 2012

What I've Learned Thus Far...

These past 3 weeks I've learned a lot...

I've learned to always have a boppy or pillow close by to help with nursing because my arm feels like a wet noodle after holding Isla and nursing 20+ minutes.
I've learned not to be as quiet as a mouse while she sleeps, but never to wake her up when she is sleeping either... .
I've learned crazy ninja breastfeeding moves...
I've learned I can do a lot with just one hand and I can pick up a lot of things with my feet! Ha!
I've learned going to Target and dinner is a big deal.
I've learned to always have my Cloud B Sleep Sheep on the Go sound maker close by. She loves listening to the ocean waves over and over again. It calms her down.
I've learned that I will basically sing anything. I never thought I would say "Shhhhhhhh" this much or be saying "Ooooooo" and Ahhhhhh" so much.
I've given in to using a paci when I've tried everything else.
I've learned some days... there is just no need to get dressed.
I've learned how to manage what little free time I get... the essential things I need to do for myself.
I've learned to sleep when she sleeps... this was hard for me at first...crazy, I know, but I wanted to get things done like laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.... I've learned to let those things go somewhat too.
I've learned not to run and change her diaper the minute I think it's dirty...because there is more coming.  I learned that one the hard way...
I've learned to stock up on gripe water and Mylicon gas relief drops.
I've learned to keep trying new positions until she is satisfied if she is gassy. 
I've learned not to really care what shirt I put on, chances are it will have spit up on it in a matter of minutes.
I've learned to converse more with Joel after he's home from work. With me not having many adult conversations and also not going to work together every day like before...I miss him more and more.
I've learned to take it one day at a time. There will be amazing days and there will definitely be hard days.
I've learned Isla Rae doesn't like my sock bun... I think she doesn't recognize me when I wear my hair up and as soon as I take it down, she smiles.
I've learned the days go by WAY too fast and I don't have the time to do all the things I thought I would. 

I've learned a lot so far, but I know there is still so much to come. I'd love for new moms to send tips and stories about their first weeks!

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