Thursday, June 14, 2012

Love & Tears...

Little Miss Isla Rae,

Today, you are 10 days old and you’ve already had so many milestones. I did not think I could love you anymore than the first moment I held you in my arms, but with each passing day my love for you continues to grow to be an unfathomable love.  I couldn’t imagine a more perfect baby than you. Of course I am a little biased because I am your Momma, but to me you are perfect in every way.

We haven’t had much rest since we’ve been home. The 36+ hours of labor and delivery did me in… and at first you had your days and nights confused. It’s been a hard journey for both of us. I started physical therapy this week to help manage the recovery and you have had multiple doctor visits. We first had a scare that your biliruben levels were going up and jaundice was a possibility, but thankfully they decreased and you seem to be doing just fine! The doctor says you are a “robust little girl” and I couldn’t be happier. I love your chubby cheeks and the softness of all your little rolls forming, making you even more snugly. Today, you surpassed your birth weight of 8lbs 3ozs by nearly 3ozs. You weighted in at nearly 8lbs 6ozs! This is quite an accomplishment given on average it takes two weeks to get back to birth weight for newborns, and you have been at a disadvantage with developing Thrush. Poor little baby, we knew something had been bothering you the past couple days and expected it was gas pains, but come to find out you have Thrush. You shed your first tear today, and it melted my heart because I wanted to take away all your pain. Hopefully, your medications paired with our organic remedies of vinegar and water and also virgin coconut oil will help cure you and take away all your soreness. Even with everything going on, you are such a good baby. You've been sleeping better and better. We even got in 6 hours straight the other night and we've also had nights with 4 and 5 hours straight of sleep. We will be praying for you and ask friends and family to remember you us as well.

I also shed some tears today. Just the thought of your Dad returning to work on Monday made me cry. He has been the greatest supporter and never complained once. I’m sure I’ve been demanding too… but he’s always there for us. He has such a natural way with you. Whenever you are upset, your Daddy puts you over his shoulder, gently hums, bounces and almost immediately calms you down. He is the best diaper changer and I never even have to ask him to change you... he's changed more of your diapers than me so far! His patience is so admirable. I feel like I will be lost without him next week and during the days ahead, but we will have lots of love and fun waiting for him when he comes home every day. 

Since you were born 10 days ago we’ve noticed, your cheeks have become even chubbier, your eyelashes seem longer, you have the prettiest skin, you have the sweetest crocked smile that you shoot our way at just the right moments, you are the best snuggle bug when we sleep at night, you are more alert than I would have ever imagined a newborn being and your hair is getting longer in the back than the front… I think your Dad is secretly hoping you rock the mullet just for a little while, but don’t worry… I’ll find a way to put a bow on it and you will be a trend setter.

With each and every day our adoration for you grows immensely and we can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. 

We love you more than anything!

My cuddle bug..


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