Monday, June 18, 2012

Super Hero Dad

Today, Joel returned to work. I can't even begin to describe how much we will miss him during the days. As I've mentioned several times, he has been the greatest dad and helped me through my recovery of 36+ hours of labor so much.

He was the BEST labor coach. So patient, compassionate and there at my beckon call...Whatever I needed, he had already done or prepared for me. He also showered me with compliments which every wife loves to hear from her hubby.... especially in times of need or discomfort. To put it simply he was my super hero.

A couple weeks before Isla's arrival, I was trying to plan a fun and cute father's day gift for him. Joel's not big on gifts. He likes trips and of course golf outings, but with a newborn on the way, I knew these gift ideas were not practical options. Instead, I wanted to do something meaningful for him and also for Isla. I scoured the web, mostly pinterest and etsy, and stubbled across these amazingly hilarious daddy dolls by Duke & June. The dolls can be made to look exactly like the dad. First of all, I thought this was hilarious, and secondly, I thought this would be so special for Isla to always be able to have her daddy with her. I asked Joel if he had a favorite t-shirt and of course he replied, "batman." I contacted the shop owner and it was easy peasy! I simply described Joel, what attire I wanted the replica to wear and sent in a recent photo just in case they should need it. Joel also likes to rock hoodies so it came with a removable one as well. Ha! They nailed it! I think they did an awesome job. The only thing that's missing is the little brown spec Joel has on his left eye. :)

Coincidentally, he also wore this t-shirt to the hospital and on Isla's birthday, so now it has even more meaning! He even asked me during labor if it was okay if he wore his batman t-shirt... I said "of course" in between my contractions, like it was the craziest question ever...

I was so excited to show him his mini me and be able to have something special to share with Isla on Joel's very first Father's Day. I even entered a picture for a daddy & me contest from Please feel free to vote for us as we will get lots of freebies if we win!

Here's baby Isla Rae at 9 days old loving her super hero daddy doll already!


Isla Rae and I miss you so bad today it hurts, but we will have lots of love, fun times and maybe even dinner waiting for you when you get home! Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for being you - the best hubby and dad two gals could ask for! Love you Bubsy, I mean Batdad.


Happy 2 week birthday baby girl! Momma loves you soooooo much!

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