Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I can't believe its Fall already! I feel like we just rung in the new year and now its more than halfway over. As I get older, it seems like the years go by faster.

Well ready or not, the season is changing and Fall is upon us. Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Where the landscape is lit up with color all around us and there is so much natural beauty that it can't be ignored with our daily tasks.

This time of year makes me miss living in the mountains. I miss the art splashed across the mountain sides and endless miles of countless shades of autumn. I miss hearing the sounds of the creek in the still of a cool morning. I miss the smells of a campfire and catching fireflies. I miss high school football games on Friday nights.

I'm hoping we will have a nice long, cool Fall here in Charlotte and we make the trip home to the mountains at least once in time to see the leaves change.

I'm looking forward to carving pumpkins, wearing sweaters and tall boots, turning off the a/c and opening the windows, watching football and enjoying all the beauty God blesses us with during this beautiful season.

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