Monday, September 17, 2012

Letters to Isla Rae

Hello my Lil peanut,

Today, you are 15 weeks old. You are growing so fast! Everyone comments on how big you are. Your daddy and I have really noticed a lot of changes in you in just the last week. Your face had become rounder, you smile A LOT, and your personality is shining!

Our family and friends have started to see mommy in you. You are a perfect combination of us.

You are rolling over back to front now and you favor your left side. When you are on your tummy, you try to get up on your knees and push off with your toes. We know it won't be long before you take off crawling.

You LOVE hanging out outside, riding in the ergo, looking at Bella and being silly with mom. You are chatting with us more and more, and still love screaming, happy or sad.

You have become more content lately and like your toys more. I love watching you learn to grasp and play with your toys. You especially love toys with lots of color or toys that talk or play music.

You're still not a fan of your paci or bottles, but we are continuing to try. You have started to nap better and love sleeping in the ergo. You don't fight sleep as much when you are riding along with me.

We think you are already teething, but are hoping we get to see your sweet gummy smile for a while longer before you get those bottom teeth.

I love you so much. Praying you adjust well as mommy goes back to work. No matter where I am or how far apart we are, my heart is always with you. You are such a God send!


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