Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The peanut to my butter...

To my hubby,

You are my perfect match. God perfectly designed us for one another. Yes, even when I give you tude about something, roll my eyes or nag at are still perfect for me. As the days get busier and busier, it's easy to gripe about what needs to be done, every day stresses or what you didn't do, but truth is that is NOT how I really feel.

I've learned it's true, unfortunately, I do take things out on the people I am closest to and I often say the wrong things, but let me clarify what I really mean to say. Here is how I really feel...

I appreciate your kindness.
I love your strong will.
I'm grateful for your loving heart.
I'm thankful for your practical way of thinking.
I admire you.
I aspire to be a better woman because of you.
You are a blessing to me.
I would be lost without you.
Thank you for being you.

Thanks for being the peanut to my butter.

Love your wifey

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