Friday, September 7, 2012

Tickle, tickle, tickle...

Isla is laughing more and more now. I love it. Her laughter is contagious. Its hard for me to stop tickling her once I start because selfishly, I don't want her giggling to stop. Then I remember what it feels like to be the one in the other end getting tickled.

I know how it feels to be held down and tickled. My brother did this to me a lot growing up and given the chance he would do it again today. He loves tickling me and cutting up. I remember his boney fingers digging in my ribs and laughing uncontrollably, but at the same time just wanting it to stop so I could get ahold of myself.

I know Isla loves to be tickled and she loves to hear herself giggle just as much as I do, but I have to remember, after a minute or two, to give her a rest from the tickle monster. :)

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