Thursday, September 13, 2012

Baby doll

Growing up, and even sometimes still today, my mom calls me her "baby doll."

She loves this name for me. I, of course, went through a stage where I wasn't as fond of it...high school. Today, its a special pet name and I've grown to expect it in birthday cards, voice mails and hellos and goodbyes from my mom.

Now that I have Isla in my life, I understand why my mom calls me this and thinks of me this way. Isla is such a doll and I can't ever imagine a time when I won't consider her my little baby even as she grows up.

I understand my mother's love for me now. I understand her worries, sleepless nights, multiple phone calls, pet names, concerning voice and unconditional love more than ever now, because I feel the same love for my own "baby doll."

I have many pet names for Isla so far, but haven't settled in on just over quiet yet. Before she was born we called her "peanut"and our "Lil nugget." Today, I call her every sweet name from, "pumpkin" to "sweet pea." I'm sure she well go through the same stages I did where she rejects these names, but I hope one day she will understand. My love for her is endless. I'm so thankful my mother loves me with the same kind of love

Being a mother is such a wonderful gift from above.

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